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Reviews 05.11.2018

Happy Holidays, Pirates book creates a truly memorable holiday experience!

Yo ho! Pirates, Santa, and flaps to lift … what more could you ask for in an enjoyably playful tale just right for the Christmas season? Happy Holidays, Pirates is both familiar and fresh in its take on Santa knowing if you’ve been bad or good.


A motley crew of pirates has been told of a “kindly old man” who visits homes on one night of the year to deliver toys and spread cheer. Since pirates love treasure, they decide to write to Santa and promise to change their ways. Carried on sea and on land, the letter arrives in Santa’s hand and he is surprised to learn that the pirates are trying their best. The rhyming text zips along while busy fingers enjoy looking for piratey-holiday surprises under the interactive flaps.

“On the Isle of Tortuga there’s a big celebration,
As pirates chant “Yo-Ho-Ho” in anticipation.”

Fun Fact: The Isle of Tortuga is a real island in Haiti where pirates used to live when they weren’t out looting or sailing the high seas.


The illustrations are delightfully friendly with their cheerful colors, depicting the pirates just as they should be: wearing britches, tricorn hats, eye patches, and swords—they even come across as cuddly as Santa himself, with their round tummies and grinning smiles.

With the message that even pirates can clean up their act (as well as eat veggies), Happy Holidays, Pirates will be worth all yeh doubloons for the entertainment it will bring yeh laddies and lassiesArrr!

- The Children's Book Review
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